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Concrete Skate a Bike Park

About us

Anna Schwitzer is a Czech textile designer who runs her own brand in both France and Prague.

She merges traditional roots with modern design, drawing from her experience in the French and Czech textile industries. Her approach combines tradition and innovation, resulting in unique creations.

Anna carefully crafts patterns for her brand, reflecting her aesthetic sensibility.


Her designs not only showcase her vision but also provide a fresh perspective on textiles. She's respected in the design world, known for her original, high-quality patterns.

Her collections are hand-painted and produced in limited editions, focusing on quality and exclusivity.


Each scarf is a wearable artwork, embodying individuality and telling a captivating story.


Anna Schwitzer's work is a blend of heritage and contemporary design, producing patterns that stand as timeless pieces of art.

Concrete Skate a Bike Park

For enthusiasts of abstract patterns, Anna Schwitzer creates silk scarves in thoughtful color combinations. She describes scarves as follows:


"A silk scarf is like a canvas for me, a place where I paint.

I see it as a wonderful accessory that never gets boring, as it's highly versatile and can be used in many ways."


" Since childhood, I have been engaged in artistic pursuits, particularly drawing and photography. After completing my studies at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art in Pilsen and later continuing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, I have pursued my passion for art. My grandparents, both accomplished artists, led me to this path,"

Anna recounts about her journey into creating silk scarves.


Anna primarily seeks inspiration in nature, her surroundings, travels, and books. She enjoys working with symbols and their meanings to enhance abstract compositions. However, the most crucial element in Anna's scarf designs is color.


Her scarves feature unconventional color combinations that highlight abstract motifs.


"I carefully select each color, drawing inspiration from nature's palette. I also observe women in the streets of Prague and in France, where we live, finding inspiration in their style. " 


In addition to her signature scarves, Anna collaborates with designers on joint projects and creates custom scarves for various clients. "I am continuously working on new designs.

The brand is evolving and establishing its reputation, designing and crafting scarves for other design studios, galleries, and stores.


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